Phone Number List Validation & Cleaning

Increase the performance of your marketing campaigns - clean your database from invalid or outdated phone numbers and focus on real people. Start using our phone number validation services today and improve returns and productivity of your sales people.

Phone number lists may be submitted in plain text (.txt) format, or as comma-separated values (.csv). CRM systems, databases and spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel are capable to export data to a .csv file.

The validation results are available in both formats (.txt and .csv). You may choose to download valid and invalid phone numbers as separate files.

Phone Validation Plus Contact Data Validation

With our Phone Validation Plus service, you can add contact data details like name, address, company and others and we'll validate this information together with the phone numbers you provide.
See how it works with a free trial for up to 100 contacts!

Validate Your Phone Number List

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Phone Validation Plus includes contact data details like first name, last name, address, company and others in the validation process. When using this option, make sure the input data you upload contains at least the corresponding name and address for each phone number.

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Select a country if the phone numbers in your list are not in international format (no leading +).

Phone Number List File (*)

You can upload a text or CSV file (with one phone number or contact per line, phone number in first column, and comma (',') as column separator, detailed instructions for Excel users), maximum size 250MB (split larger lists into multiple files).