Free Phone Number Validation

With our free phone number validation service you can easily verify if any national or international phone number is really valid. Avoid disconnects and increase the performance of your marketing campaigns - clean your database from invalid or outdated phone numbers and focus on real people.

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International Phone Number Validation

Our phone number validation service is available not only for the US and Canada
- we offer complete, full-service validation for any national or international phone number:

Phone Validation Plus Contact Data Validation

With our Phone Validation Plus service, you can add contact data details like name, address, company and others and we'll validate this information together with the phone numbers you provide.
See how it works with a free trial for up to 100 contacts!

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

We do not process or store phone numbers for any purpose other than validation. Please see our Data Protection and Privacy Policy for details.

Phone Number List Validation & Online API

Whether you have existing customer data to clean or want to stop bad phone numbers from getting on your list, we have exactly the right solution for you:

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