Phone-Validator - Made in Germany & 100% EU-GDPR compliant
Verify & Clean Up Phone Numbers from 240 Countries World-Wide
With our Real-Time Phone Number Validation service you can easily clean up existing contact data or verify if phone numbers are valid and callable. Our service also detects the correct line type to ensure full compliance with the FCC Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

International Phone Validator

Accurate and Reliable Contact Data with Byteplant's Phone Validation Services

Phone calls and texting remain important communication and marketing channels for a lot of businesses. Since 2003 Byteplant helps large enterprises and small businesses maintain a clean contact list with easy-to-use and cost effective phone validation services.

Byteplant Phone Number Validator: Verify Landline and Mobile Numbers in 240 Countries Worldwide

Identifying incorrect or outdated phone numbers avoids frustration, saves you a lot of time & money and makes the phone an efficient and effective communication channel for your business:

  • Reduce Fraud: Byteplant will help you spot any fraudulent sign-ups.
  • Reduce Typos and Errors: Our API allows users to correct their contact data immediately right at the point of sign-up.
  • Maximize Marketing ROI: Before sending a SMS or calling your customers, ensure that the number is valid with a live check using our real-time API or our phone list cleaning services.
Online Phone Number Validation API
Phone Validator API
Verify phone numbers in real-time right at the point of entry with Byteplant's Phone Number Verification API. We help you increase conversions and reduce fraud, maintaining relevant regulations compliance. Our phone validation online API can be easily integrated into website forms or mobile apps and makes sure that only valid numbers are accepted to your contact list.
Phone List Cleaning
Bulk Phone Number Validation
Validate international phone numbers from 240 countries world-wide and get accurate status results with our phone list validator. Maintaining clean contact data maximizes your revenue and improves your business performance.

Validate Phone Number

You can test our Phone Number Validator here for free - just register for a free API key.

What makes Phone-Validator Unique?

Byteplant's phone verification tool validates any mobile or landline phone number in 240 countries world-wide and provides detailed information like the status ("valid/confirmed", "valid/unconfirmed" or "invalid") as well as the line type and geolocation.

During the entire validation process, phone numbers are not contacted in any way, nor will any phones connected to a line ring.

More than 500,000 users worldwide rely on our products & services every day.

Benefits of Using Phone Validator

Phone validators are highly useful and versatile tools with a variety of benefits for any business. Byteplant's Phone Validator offers the following advantages:

1. Save Time and Money

Calling non-existent, or worse, outdated phone numbers requires your team to spend extra time apologizing, re-dialing the number, and changing their calling schedule - this is especially important if your CRM Phone Lists contain thousands or hundreds of thousands of contacts. By running your phone number lists through the phone validation tool, you can save your sales and marketing team a significant amount of time.

Besides avoiding invalid numbers, you get an opportunity to contact your customers through other channels and verify their phone numbers. Otherwise, you could lose contact with an existing client due to an unintentional data error.

2. Improve Your Reputation

Calling wrong numbers can take a toll on your company's reputation. As people add your phone number to their blacklist, your reputation suffers. To make sure your company’s reputation stays in top shape, it's imperative to check the phone list regularly.

Consumers tend to change phone numbers. When that happens they rarely notify all the companies they work with. By making sure you are calling the right number, you don't just confirm the point of contact with the customer but also confirm their interest in your offer.

3. Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns

A phone list is often one of the most powerful tools in the marketer's arsenal - especially for SMS/mobile marketing campaigns. The ability to contact potential and existing clients over the phone or by mobile messaging/SMS drives your marketing campaigns forward. However, without a clean list, the entire effort takes more time, demands more attention, and requires more expenses.

By running your phone lists through the validation tool regularly, you can make sure you are contacting and messaging the right people whenever it's necessary. This can help move them down the sales funnel and close more deals far more efficiently.

4. Streamline Retention

Retention is a highly important marketing tactic. By using existing phone numbers, you can inspire brand loyalty in your clients and re-engage them whenever they seem to lose interest in your offer. However, invalid or outdated phone numbers nullify your efforts and put you in danger of losing high-paying clients.

A phone validator can notify you whenever there is an issue with a phone number so you can use other means of communication to keep in touch with the customer.

5. Improve Campaign Analysis

The analysis of your sales and marketing campaigns directly depends on how many phone calls you make. However, if a certain percentage of your phone calls goes out to the wrong numbers, you can get a wrong idea of how well your strategy is working.

By obtaining a clean phone list, you can be sure that each call you make goes out to the right recipient, thus optimizing the performance of your campaigns.

6. Collect Phone Numbers right at the Point of Contact

With Byteplant's Phone Validator API, you can validate in real-time, that a phone number is valid right at the point of entry - dramatically improving customer phone number data quality in your CRM and ERP systems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Phone Validator

How to use the phone number validation tool?

Using Byteplant's phone number validation tool is easy. Register for your free API key. Enter the number you want to check and click the “Validate Phone Number” button.

Why is phone number validation important?

Phone number validation saves time and money by streamlining your processes and improving your marketing ROI. It allows you to keep your phone lists clean, and helps you to stay in touch with your prospects and customers.

You can use our Phone Validation API to check up to 100 phone numbers for free -
just register for your free account and we send you an email with the details!